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Fees and Charges (see Notes on required permissions below)

  • Consultation

    Properties within 75 miles of Glastonbury

    No charge

    Properties greater than 75 miles

    No charge in most cases

    All we ask is that we can arrange a time to fit in with other appointments in your area and that you have looked at the competitors first and are therefore in a position to make a decision on the day so that we can carry out the survey at the same time should you commission us to to carry out your design work.

  • Planning

    For a two storey extension under 60sq.m ground floor area or conversion of outbuildings. To the survey of site and preparation of full plans including all elevations and floor plans showing existing and proposed layout; site and location plans and cross sections. To the production of one set of bound plans plus five sets for the Planning Application and a further four sets for your use. To the submission of all forms and plans for the application and to any minor planning alterations required.

    1250.00 plus Council fees as appropriate

    ( 750.00 to be paid as a deposit with balance due when plans completed ). For a larger area, we would negotiate a fee with you on receipt of further information.

    For a new build dwelling 1450.00 with a deposit of 850.00.

  • Building Regulations

    To the submission of application for Building Notice approval (where details are agreed between builder and Officer at each stage).

    75.00 plus Council fees


    To the submission of application for Full Plans method (where details of construction are shown on plans submitted in advance of building).

    295.00 plus Council fees

  • Project Management

    For local projects, we can carry out the building work for you - let us quote for your requirements. We can also manage the whole project on an hourly rate, including travelling time, not a percentage of the total cost as most would charge you.

    20.00 per hour


Notes on required permissions

  • Planning permission is required to show that the Council will let you carry out the work.
  • Building Regulation approval is to ensure that any work is carried out correctly and safely.
  • Planning permission is not always required but Building Regulation approval is nearly always required.
  • Planning applications can take 2 to 3 months.
  • Building regulations can take 2 to 3 months if you go for the Full Plans method (where every detail of the construction has to be detailed on a revised plan and hence may limit the choices for the builder). This can be either simultaneously with the Planning Application (risky!) or after permission has been granted.
  • Building Notice approval only takes 4 days and allows the builder to agree each stage of the construction with the Council.